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Thread: Need driver for Broadcom 802.11n Network adapter....PLEASE.....

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    Need driver for Broadcom 802.11n Network adapter....PLEASE.....

    I cannot find it anywhere...and when I thought I did on, I could not install it because it was not digitally signed. Why is this so hard??? (melt down imminent)

    So I do not know what I'm doing...sorry...but here is my issue with your device.

    Code changed to code 39

    I had issues with my Dell Inspiron 1318, Vista 64 so I recently reformatted the disk, reinstalled Vista 64, did all the updates and now...I have no wireless. I had it before.

    I'm sorry...I know you techies hate stupid/ignorant people...but please help me help myself here... does not have this driver...maybe it's not the driver...

    Thank you ahead of time.

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    Sorry, but this forum doesn't address the Wireless network controllers, only the 1Gb and 10Gb wired Ethernet devices.


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