I have a Dell Latitude D630 T7500 laptop, with 2.20 GHz and 2.00 GB RAM.

It's Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Controller only operates at about 10% efficiency under Win7 compared to XP. Using InternetFrog I can clock downloads around 13 Mpbs under XP, and similarly with its Dell WiFi adapter under XP or Win7. But under Win7 the Broadcom RJ45 LAN connection only gets about 0.15 Mbps downloads, dog slow.

I even tried using the latest Broadcom Vista/Win7 driver version, and the download performance does not improve. Upload performance is unaffected and works well all-around, regardless of O/S or network interface selected. I see others mentioning this same issue with Win7 and the 57xx Gigabit Controller on the net and in Dell forums, but never a viable solution identified.

I have also tried both Win7 32b and 64b, and made sure the BIOS and other non-NIC drivers are also current, but no improvement in performance.

Any ideas what what might be causing this problem?