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Thread: Vlan Tagging Server 2008 R2

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    Vlan Tagging Server 2008 R2


    I have a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine with multiple physical nics (Broadcom Gigabit Extreme 5720), I've installed the Broadcom drivers and the Advanced Control Suite. My server is connected to Juniper switches.

    In my network I have several L3 Juniper switches and multiple vlans. The Windows Server is performing routing. I need to enable vlan tagging on the Windows Server (without NIC Teaming). How do I do this?

    Currently, I've simply gone into the NIC properties and entered the VLAN ID, however I haven't found an option for specifying vlan name and whether traffic is tagged or untagged. In any case, communications between the server and other vlan traffic is not working.

    Could someone tell me how I can configure vlan tagging on Windows Server 2008 R2 correctly?

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    You still use the teaming wizard even if you only want to create a VLAN, just don't add any members to the team when you do so (i.e. you create a team of 1 adapter). Once you create a team with a VLAN tag you'll only see untagged traffic for that particular VLAN. It doesn't work the same as switches.

    If I have a single NIC, call it LOM0, then you'll only see untagged traffic on that adapter's interface, and all traffic sent through that adapter will be sent untagged. If you create a VLAN tagged team with a single adapter, LOM0.VLAN10, then that adapter will only see traffic for VLAN 10. All VLAN headers will be stripped on received frames and all transmitted frames will have a VLAN 10 tag appended. (You'll never see a VLAN tag in a Wireshark network capture).


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